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Rumbles in the Djumble | Live Looping | Loopers Delight 2020 Compilation

This particular wander hunt was originally 90 minutes. I chopped it down to 10 for the compilation, at the same time trying to retain some resemblance to the process of its creation and various build or manipulation elements. I'm still new to the LP1 and the 8 string but in combo with the vintage GT3 and my NSBR dual Solo XT boards, I can certainly keep myself entertained. Sometimes the experiments lead to a more conventional song, other times only the primary goal of 'getting lost in a safe space' to build neuroplasticity is achieved - and I'm very okay with that. #LoopersDelight #GetLostInASafeSpace #NotAllWhoWanderAreLost Listen to all the songs from the Loopers Delight​ Compilation project here: And buy the 44 track, 4 hour global compilation curated by Michael Peters on BandCamp here: My rookie contribution is ca

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