Rejyna on Blogger

Okay. I’m on Blogger now too.

Not really sure yet why I took on yet even another task on yet even another site when I already exist on over 100…but maybe as I find out why I am here, I can empower you?  Whoa, lofty and quaint almost at the same time...

So, the intro —
“Hi, my name is Rejyna. Pronounced like ‘Ray-jean-uh’ and I create stuff and do things, all of which can be searched easily via the unique spelling of my name.  
I like to think that what we say matters somehow. I imagine that how we spend time is a freewill concept of accountability. I am thoroughly puzzled by life and when I get a clue worth sharing, I’ll be sure to share it - on whatever platform seems most appropriate. 
My simple mission is releasing that which flows without effort, overcomes any restraint — soul seed, spirit fruit."
I'm currently rebuilding my site for the umpteenth time but you can bookmark it if you want an easy way to portal into my offerings.  Google Me Here.
I appreciate you and the time you spend with me.  Thanks!


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